LIMITED TIME ONLY Klari-Tea Cleanse Shampoo & Hydrate Conditioner 12 Oz.

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Strictly Roots KLARI-TEA is infused with a variety of essential oils and cleansing agents that will not strip your hair. Looking for a gentle clarifying shampoo that adds moisture as it removes build up on your hair. This is the shampoo for you...the natural aroma of rosemary and peppermint is also a plus. 

Pair it off with KLARI-TEA hydrate conditioner which has activated Charcoal, castor oil, green tea & ginger oil just to name a few. These natural botanical herbs will do wonders for your scalp and hair. You can even use it as a treatment. Just place a plastic cap over your hair for 30 minutes and enjoy the tingle sensation. After 30 minutes rinse out with cool water. Then continue with your regular hair routine.

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