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Hair Potion Oil is a special formula that had healing in mind when it was developed. The list of healing properties Hair potion has is amazing here are a few. Olive oil contains moisturizing ingredients like squalene and oleic acid. It helps increase elasticity of the hair. Black castor oil increases the blood flow and stimulates hair growth. Jojoba oil keeps to maintain scalp's natural balance due to it's anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. The Hair potion oil would not be complete without adding various essential oils to increase the benefits of healthy hair. Essential oils like clove improves scalp circulation for hair growth. Our favor rosemary was add to combat dandruff and helps with lessening hair from shedding. By the way Rosemary also helps hair from graying.

Intensive nourishment hair oil that is full of nutrients and health benefits for your skin and hair. This amazing oil can be used on the scalp and hair after your shampooing routine. Apply directly on the scalp with the easy spout cap. A small amount goes a long way. It’s also great to use in conjunction with your favorite conditioner as a treatment.

Can be used with a leave in conditioner . It can also be used to massage the scalp in seal in butter products on to hair.
  • Stimulates & nourishes
  • Revitalize, strengthens and protects the hair
  • Heals irritated scalp
  • Seals in moisture when applied on hair

Ingredients: Olive oil, Black castor oil, Jojoba oil, Cedar Wood oil, Thyme oil, Rosemary oil, Clove oil, Vetiver oil and vitamin E oil.

Color: varies in brown due to its origin of natural elements.

Use up to three times a week...especially on areas that needs an extra boost of stimulation.

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