Keisha Nicole

Keisha Nicole

Nail Technician

I started my career as a nail technician at the tender age of 20 when I graduated from the scholastic elite Heart Trust/NTA School of cosmetology in Jamaica.

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I then migrated to the Cayman Islands in 2002 where I flourished my career as a Nail Technician for eight years. In 2010 I traveled to Bermuda to advance my exceptional skills and business education within the Nail Salon community.

Following my entrepreneur goals, I started with a small local shop and eventually garnered enough attention that the top nail technicians within the Bermuda areas wanted to work with me. I took this life changing opportunity to launch advertisement brochures that generated multiple avenues to further increase my career.

I'm known for my ambitious and dedicated work when it comes to my clients, However, it's with the everyday customer that I finds the most joy while building both business and everlasting relationships for years to come. Eventually I migrated to the United States where I continued to pursue my career and passion with the cosmetology manicure community. Due to the high demand for my unique skills I have decided to work at the Elite Sabine’s Hallways Natural Hair Salon located in the Brooklyn area.