Our Mental Health

Your mental health is nothing to take lightly and/or put off. Especially during these difficult times that we are all facing. Nicole and I recently had a discussion with license Psychologist Kesia Constantine PhD. about mental health as it relates to our current climate. She proved us with some valuable information that I believe we can all use, . You can check out the video on our YouTube channel here https://youtu.be/RZYNPYiYTLQ

Don't be afraid to seek help. Many of us don't like asking for help because of our past hurts or rejection. I was one of those individuals. I used often say "I Got It" "I can do it by "MYSELF." I thought that was the true meaning of being independent. Through various teachings and time, today I have a different mindset. I understand that everybody needs somebody and we are all connected. With that connection comes responsibility for one another intentionally and unintentionally. Be intentional about your mental health.

Be safe and stay healthy,

Sabine Bellevue