10 Questions to Ask When Interviewing for Your Wedding Hairstylist

Being a natural hair bride these days is a BIG deal. As many women are making a conscious decision to stop chemically altering their hair texture. This has made a major impact within our community as well as increase the demand for natural hair experts. Now you can choose to DIY or hire a professional natural hairstylist to create the look you’re going for. It can be hard finding that special someone, (as if finding your hubby/wife to be wasn’t hard enough lol).

10 questions to ask when interviewing for your wedding hairstylist:

1. Do you have experience working with brides?  

It would be great if your hairstylist has experience working with brides and understands the dynamics of a wedding. Weddings can be difficult to plan and the last thing a bride wants to worry about is an un-experienced hairstylist. If your hair do not look the way you would like it to look on your special day that can ruin your whole day and not to mention your wedding photos.

2. Do you have a updated portfolio?  

Images can really help you make a decision on whether their styling matches your style.

3. What are the rates for on-site and off site services?

Sometimes brides feel that going to the hair salon a couple of days earlier or the day before is best because of funds or convenience. And both can work but when your hairstylist is on site their main objective is YOU. Your hairstyle will be fresh and anything that you don’t like can be fixed onsite. Where as, if you did your hair the day before and woke up with a less desired hairstyle, you would have to fix it yourself. You also save time by having the hairstylist come on site so you can do other things before the wedding instead of being in the salon all day. After all, it is your wedding day, you should be pampered!

4. Is there a special wedding package deal that includes a makeup artists and hair for the bridal party?  

A package is a great way to save funds and keep everything under one roof. Some salons even offer a photographer as well.

5. Do you have experience working with textured hair?

Unfortunately, there are many individuals who claim to have experience with textured hair but aren’t able to execute creative hairstyles. You don’t want to be someone’s guinea pig on your special day! #nottoday

6. What are your travel arrangements?  

At all times you, the bride/groom must feel secure about your wedding hairstylist. The hairstylist should be able to efficiently communicate that they will be able to be on time ON or OFF-SITE.        

7. Are contracts available for my services?

A written document helps both parties to view what their obligations are and what will/will not be provided in black and white. That way, if there are any issues you’ll have a contract to hold all parties accountable. It also helps the bride/groom to keep track of expenses and records.

8. Do you provide consultations and wedding trial hairstyle?

Sometimes the vision that a bride/ groom may have in their mind may not be achievable or does not look as good as they thought it would. You the bride/groom would not want to experience that the day before or the day of the wedding. Talk about being a bridezilla, because that’s exactly what you’ll turn into times a thousand! You know we don’t play about our hair, so save yourself “the hair ache” and get both the consultation and trial hairstyle prior to the wedding (I recommend at least 3 weeks before the date).

9. How many weddings do you have scheduled on that day?

As a hairstylist I battle with time management and work hard at being early. For weddings on-site, I personally do just one a day unless I have several hours in between the other wedding. The hairstylist must allocate sufficient time for travel, delays, hairstyle malfunction, etc.

10. Do you work well under pressure?

If they have experience working on photo shoots, runway, t.v., and entertainment they’re most likely familiar with working under pressure.

Just like your bride/groom is your perfect match, make sure your stylist is too!