Winter Hair Blues

Many of you Naturalistas have been singing the same hair blues song… So, I have decided to compose a few easy and time saving tips that are sure to have you hitting the right notes!

As you all may already know, I am a licensed cosmetologist and natural hair specialist; these tips are based on my years of experience working with textured hair. It may not be necessary for you to apply all of these tips within your hair regiment, sometimes simply changing one-or-two things can make all the difference.

Got issues? So does your hair….

Having difficulty managing your hair? Are you dealing with dry or brittle hair? Noticing some hair loss?

Watch out for these common mistakes:

  • Overheated spaces – Getting out of the cold and into an overheated space gives a double dose of dryness to your hair.
  • Protein buildup – Applying protein leave-in-conditioner every day, or more than needed, can cause buildup which blocks hair from retaining moisture.
  • Birth control pills – Sensitivity to hormones can cause hair loss.
  • Menopause – The hormonal imbalance and loss of estrogen often causes havoc on women’s hair (hair loss in particular).
  • Using the wrong shampoo – Various shampoos use certain cleansing agents such as SLS, Propylene Glycol, and parabens can be harmful to hair.
  • Diet (vitamin deficiency) – The lack of various minerals and vitamins, such as iron, zinc, and fatty acids, can cause dryness and hair loss.

I know, right?! Who would have thought these things that are supposed to be good for you could also affect you in a negative way. Thankfully, we have options in life and when something doesn’t work out you can simply “Dust yourself off and try again” -Aaliyah

Here’s some healthy hair do’s to cure your winter hair blues…

  1. Protect your hair by wearing a silk scarf under your winter hats, and when you enter an overheated space make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Water, water, and more water (and wine lol).
  2. I usually recommend doing protein treatments every other month. Especially if you have colored hair or highlights. Protein treatment should always be followed by a deep moisturizing treatment. If your hair is shedding excessively you may need to see your doctor or dermatologist.
  3. If you are taking birth control pills and notice that it may be affecting you, speak with your doctor about the possibility of trying different contraception options.
  4. If you are going through life changes, like menopause, look into taking herbs and other natural remedies to assist with the symptoms as well as hair growth. Rosemary, Red Clove, Maca, and Ginseng are a couple of good ones.
  5. When choosing your shampoo read the ingredients, usually the fewer ingredients the better. Refrain from using products with SLS, Propylene Glycol, and paraben. In addition, if your hair is dry try not to shampoo often. Shampoo every other week or once a month and always use heat when you condition your hair.
  6. Many of us are deficient in minerals and vitamins due to our diets and everyday stressors. Little by little add nutrient-dense foods like kale, swiss chard, pumpkin seeds, spirulina, berries, and chia seeds to improve your hair game and overall wellness.
  7. My final thought (finally)…pay attention to your hair. Once you notice a slight bit of change, make the necessary adjustments. Do not wait until winter is over to take care of your hair. In addition, if you live where you have to deal with seasons prepare yourself ahead of time. Remember, winter is coming…

Oh yeah, always remember to conduct your own research and speak with your healthy care partitioner before starting any new supplement, herbs and such.

With Positive Intentions,

Sabine Bellevue