The Team

Akosua Galloway


Akosua Galloway, a Brooklyn native has worked as natural hair braider/stylist and weaver for more than 15 years. For the last 8 years she has been producing human hair textures, hairpieces and wigs that are virtually handmade and include colors, patterns and textures that are custom created. 

As a child, Ms. Galloway observed her mother braiding hair as a source of additional family income. At age 10, Akosua’s mother began to teach her how to braid and by age 13, she was already braiding on her own. 

As she gained greater experience in the natural hair industry she realized that she wanted the appropriate professional recognition for her extensive work and to expand her knowledge. As a result in October 2013 Akosua entered the Carsten Institute of Cosmetology and began a course of study in the “French Haircutting Technique”. Upon graduation from the course in August 2014, she became a licensed cosmetologist.

Akosua Galloway has tremendous experience, excellent creativity and sharp sense of the trends in the Natural Hair Industry. Add to this her understanding of her client’s needs and you have a beauty expert.

Tamara ‘Adenike’ Walters

Natural Hair Stylist, Nutritionist and Healer

Jamaican born Tamara ‘Adenike’ Tamara Walters is referred to by her clients as the ‘natural hair whisperer’ such is her God given talents with natural hair. Diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and healing herself by changing her diet, Adenike blends her love of health and nutrition, with her love of hair delivering a holistic approach to wellness and beauty to all her clients. Her certification as a Raw/Living Food Chef, enables her to both educate clients on a wide range of nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Adenike is exceptionally qualified which enhances her natural abilities. She is a licensed barber specialist and her understanding of hair maladies has earned her a certification as a damaged-hair-specialist. Adenike is also a certified sisterlock consultant, which allows her to empower clients to fully embrace a spectrum of styles for sophisticated, stylish and creative natural hairstyles.

Adenike is also a healer and a Reiki Master, certified in the Usui System and she now teaches others how to experience a more balanced state of mind while connecting the dots between health, hair and spiritual wellbeing.

Daphney Bellevue

Salon Manager

In her role as the dynamic salon manager, Daphney Bellevue is the glue that keeps Sabine’s Hallways together! For the last two years Daphney has been the first point of contact at the salon and helps the salon clients with all their needs and enquiries. Offering an enthusiastic and personal touch to her work, Daphney helps clients on and off site with enquiries, scheduling, consultations and referrals. With a keen eye for detail, she ensures that customer satisfaction is maintained at an all time high and Sabine’s Hallway clients leave the salon having had an exceptional and personal salon experience.

Daphney also helps salon owner Sabine Bellevue with business development and marketing and over the last two years she has contributed to digital and tech advancements at the salon. These improvements mirror the digital and fast paced tech world of the clients and enable the salon to maintain overall efficiency for clients and staff, which has contributed to the growth of the salon’s client base.